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Moldban-10 and Nylate PW are an EPA-registered antimicrobial, encapsulant fungicide distributed in 55 gallon drums. Nylate PW is also available in cases of 5 gallons. Copper-8-Quinolinolate is a wide spectrum antimicrobial that will kill mold and not support the growth of mold.

Moldban-10 is a concentrate of 10% Copper-8-Quinolinolate while Nylate PW is a ready-to-use encapsulant at 0.625% for the mold remediation industry. Both products are used to prevent surface growth of mold, musty odors and premature product failure in textiles, paper, wood, various building products and in agriculture.

One gallon of Nylate PW covers between 200 to 250 sq. ft. of wallboard. Other uses have different coverage capability. Refer to product label for further details.


Architectural Design in Construction Specification Institute Format
Microbial Protection with Copper 8 Quinolinolate

Protection from ground to roof

Moisture control from water-penetrating building products

Microbial protection penetrates into building products -- Concrete, wood, sheetrock, roofing and siding materials

Water based ready to use on construction materials

Water repellent application

Fungus resistant coating

Encapsulant for concrete, wood, paper, and roofing

  • Concrete foundations: Pourring or coating
  • Wood construction: All construction material
  • Sheetrock: Coating on both sides
  • Roofing: Coating before or after installation

Fungas resistant coating interior and exterior

Coat before laying carpet

Coat before or after painting

Available in drums, 5 gallons

Untreated Sheetrock Untreated Wood Treated Sheetrock Treated Wood